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OR they find a tank of sulfur hexafluoride that makes them sound like Darth Vader’s wannabe children. Teeheehee.


Then Daryl on helium and Carol on sulfur hexafluoride re-enact famous movie quotes together.

This is why we’re friends, Zilla.


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Imagine Carol and Daryl puffing on a tank of helium and taking turns saying funny things with a helium voice until they both dissolve into high pitched giggle fits.

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Sasha saw and admired Judith - remember when Beth was holding her and Sasha assume Judith was her’s? The episode is escaping me. I don’t think Sasha held Judith, though.

That’s what I’m talking about: not just being in the same room as her or having brief contact. I’d really like to see Sasha or Glenn hold her, talk to her, interact with her in some capacity, especially since Judith is old enough now that she probably recognizes people or can at least interact with them as well.

That gets into my gripe that Judith hasn’t really done much. (“She’s an infant, Rhino.”) Yes, yes, but I mean, for all the hum and haw we got about Rick wanting to protect her and Carl obviously mourning her, we haven’t really seen anybody just play with this child.

Even at the pecan grove, I felt like she was more of a prop than a character. I mean, they really need to capitalize on maybe Judith recognizing her father or her brother? Reaching for them, maybe? Smiling? Laughing? Grabbing Daryl’s nose or fiddling with Maggie’s ear. Not just the group reacting to her, but her reacting to them as well.

And somebody blow on this baby’s belly or play peek-a-boo with her, for goodness sake! XD

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That is exactly who I thought of! I’m terribly awkward with babies and children too …

I would love to see someone be awkward with Judith. I mean, they took Daryl (the roughest, most un-child-friendly person in the group) and had him straight up cuddle her. Which was glorious, and Michonne’s scenes with her were heartwrenching.

However, I would love, love, LOVE to see Abe or Glenn or Sasha just be like “How do I children? HELP ME.”

Phoenix has seen me in all my awkward action. And by ‘action’ I mean sitting there like a lump of granite on the couch, carefully avoiding eye contact until said younglings go away. I know that feel.

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