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Stuff and thangs


1) I don’t think that’s Daryl’s poncho Carol’s wearing when she yells “WHERE ARE THEY?” In previous teasers/trailers, we saw her wearing that gacked-up camo and the over-thing was long, down past her knees.

2) The line of Sasha’s “three of us are gone” is split between two shots “three of us” and…

I agree. In all the trailers, I think all of Gareth’s dialogue has been edited and broken up to imply something other than the actual context, like Michonne’s remark last year.

I trust nothing if I don’t see it completely.

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Carol sneaking in to Terminus to save everyone.

GOD I can’t wait for season 5!!!

We see in the trailer that there are walkers in Terminus, at least dozens if not hundreds… And here is Carol, covered in mud and blood, screaming for her people.

I am 99% sure that Carol just brought an army of walkers down on Terminus and it is AWESOME.

Do NOT fuck with Carol.